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It all started when…

BYOB Promotional Calendar



Let's get people jazzed about cooking with cannabis around all the major holidays. The multi-pronged approach for the promotional calendar includes a methodical social media campaign for each holiday, getting fresh promotional materials to dispensaries in advance of each holiday and holiday cooking/recipe contests. All of these strategies are interrelated. Here’s a bit more about each.


Social Media Campaigns

In advance of every major holiday, the BYOB brand will launch a social media campaign featuring holiday-themed BYOB cooking videos, recipes and cannabis party ideas/suggestions. Follower participation will be encouraged, primarily through holiday recipe contests. Engagement will also take place around cannabis-themed party ideas and suggestions – we post, they post. BYOB is fostering a cannabis edibles cooking community.   


Consider the upcoming 4thof July holiday:

BYOB = Edibles Independence! American classics served on the 4th of July include potato salad, fruit salad, BBQ'd meat and veggies, shellfish, chips 'n' dip, coleslaw, cakes and pies. Find us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll give you the lowdown on how to use BYOB to create edible versions of America’s fave 4thof July classics. Plus, we’ll share some amazing Independence Day party ideas, cannabis-oriented and otherwise.


Fresh, Holiday-Oriented Promotional Materials for Dispensaries

We will keep dispensaries that carry BYOB in the loop about our holiday promotional campaigns. The idea is to encourage budtenders to hype BYOB (always) as a great addition to a customer’s holiday cannabis stash. 


You can use BYOB to cook some sort of awesome, amazing holiday themed dish. Plus, BYOB has a 4thof July Edibles Independence recipe contest.Just find them on Facebook or Instagram to learn more. 


We also want dispensaries to feature BYOB in their holiday-oriented promotional material, so in advance of each major holiday we will provide them with fresh copy snippets, blurbs and graphic material to include in their own e-blast newsletters and promotional campaigns.


Holiday Cooking Contests

Holiday cooking and recipe contests will be part of each holiday-oriented social media campaign, and contest promotion will be included as part of the holiday-oriented materials we offer dispensaries as well. 


BYOB consumers can participate in each holiday-oriented contest by posting a pic of their original BYOB cannabis edible creation (or a video about it) on social media (Instagram) with #bakeyourownbrownies. The winner will have their recipe featured on BYOB social media accounts and the BYOB website. (Recipe will be featured on the BYOB recipes page (blog) in perpetuity and on the home page for some short period of time.)


Join the 4thof July BYOB recipe contest by tagging a pic of your original BYOB cannabis edible creation with #bakeyourownbrownies. Winning recipes will be featured on BYOB social media accounts and will be archived on the BYOB recipes blog as a resource for cannabis lovers that want to make their own homemade edibles. 


Upcoming Major Holidays

4thof July:BYOB =Edibles Independence!

Labor Day:Use BYOB to make Labor Day BBQ edibles your own way

Halloween:Take the fear out of making your own edibles with the BYOB do-it-yourself edibles kit.

Danksgiving:With BYOB, you can make precisely portioned cannabis-infused edibles to transform Thanksgiving into DANKsgiving. Think cannabis-infused gravy to accompany your turkey… Or, how about some homemade ganja pumpkin pie? 

Christmas and other December Holidays: If you want to make Christmas (or holiday-themed) edibles with your own fave recipe or mix, or if you want to do a gluten-free or dairy-free edibles take on a holiday culinary classic... BYOB is your simple sweet solution.

New Years: Use the BYOB do-it-yourself extract kit to ring in the New Year with homemade edibles and skip the New Year’s Day hangover.


You get the idea… Let's Get Baking!