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Our Story

BYOB is produced by Paradigm Cannabis Group, the largest women-owned and operated extraction company in California.

We use safe, state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology to produce extracts from rich, resinous Indica, Sativa, and CBD flowers sourced exclusively from plants grown in the sun by small producers in Humboldt County. Our farmers have vast experience in plant genetics and environmentally sound cultivation techniques, and our CO2 processing equipment operates at the high standards of the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries.

High-priced (and sometimes low-quality) sugary and/or mass-produced edibles in dispensaries are often an unrealistic option for people with food sensitivities and health concerns. Given that Paradigm is dedicated to healthy living and to bringing consumers pure and effective cannabis goods produced in the most responsible ways, the BYOB extract kit is a natural outgrowth of our product line.

It’s tailor-made for people with dietary restrictions and food sensitivities, for those who want and need to do their own thing in the kitchen. With BYOB, you can customize your edibles experience with high-quality cannabis and precision dosing.

It will forever suit your lifestyles, tastes, and needs.

Our Chief Baker


Karyn Wagner

The Brains and Heart Behind BYOB

Cannabis activist and entrepreneur Karyn E. Wagner is a master of anticipating needs and starting trends. She is no stranger to the world of bringing people what they want, having kicked ass over the years not only in the cannabis industry, but in the health and wellness and restaurant industries as well.

Wagner cut her teeth in the marketing biz, establishing a boutique advertising and marketing firm in New York City at the age of 23. She then jumped head first into the NYC restaurant scene and created the now legendary Dew Drop Inn, thus proving her business acumen in the toughest of markets. (Seriously, launching a successful restaurant in New York takes mad skills.)

Joe’s Bar and Grill was her second restaurant venture in the Big Apple, earning her credit in national trade magazines for reviving classic American cocktails. Once again, Wagner proved she’s got marketing and culinary savoir faire for days.

Eventually she switched gears and took on the health and wellness industry, working for one of the nation's leading suppliers of professional supplements. When she saw that so many highly skilled medical practitioners needed help connecting with their patients, Wagner launched the Success Bootcamp RX marketing and branding firm to help doctors genuinely relate to people and to up their business game.

When twist of fate brought Wagner from New York City to Humboldt County, she found her innate business savvy and passion for health and wellness made her a natural fit in the Emerald Triangle.

Wagner went big in California’s burgeoning cannabis industry, leading the way in cannabis product development and branding in the Emerald Triangle.

Her pioneering distribution company, Paradigm Cannabis Group, now markets under several increasingly familiar and respected brand names: HOME, SuperCritical THC, First MC Processing, Tea House Collective, and SEXXPOT.

Now she is bringing her myriad experience home with BYOB, a product made with clean and safe CO2 extract derived from the highest quality, sungrown cannabis in Humboldt County… a product that lets YOU choose what ingredients go in your edibles.

Wagner is in your corner, with your health and wellness in mind, access to the best weed on the market and her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing industry.